Sunday, June 08, 2008

Swamp Critter

Here's my latest creature:

Swamp Critter 3

Swamp Critter 1


The 13th Rabbit said...

This fellow is incredibly cute! He looks like he's sitting up, waiting to get some petting. ^o^

Rhiannon said...

You say you use PVC gel... How does that work? Do you make a negative mould with something and pour it in, or what? Can it be mass-produced?

I ask because I want to make about 60 chess pieces from little sculptures I did of a soldier, a knight, a mage and a dragon, which are about an inch high, and I can't cast pewter and plaster of paris is totally useless. I thought this technique might work.

(And I LOVE your bugs by the way! Have you tried a cicada?)

I'd have emailed this to you but I can't find the right button... my eml is if you have time to write a longer answer than "It wouldn't work" :)