Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rejected Nightmare

When I was working on my friend Michel Gagne's Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets, some of the shorts were seriously modified from their original conception. One short that was changed was the "Nightmare". Initially, it was quite bleak, featuring a screaming child who is cornered by a tentacled monster. My poor girlfriend had to endure three days of sobbing, crying and yelling as I pieced together prerecorded sounds purchased from an online archive. When the completed track was played for the network we were working for, they were horrified by the stark terror it communicated, and rejected it as being inappropriate for the target audience. I was happy to have produced sounds so horrifying that they were seen as too scary for Halloween programming. Eventually we came up with another version (where the kid is changed to an alien that escapes in a rocket from the tentacled monster) which was used on TV.

It looks like somebody liked the rejected version enough to create an animatic based on Michel's original storyboard designs and my creepy soundtrack. So here it is, as featured at

I'm sure you can see why this didn't end up playing repeatedly for millions of kids on the Saturday morning cartoon lineup. I still find it to be quite unsettling...

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