Friday, August 03, 2007

The Whip of the UFO

I've uploaded a new song called '(when I hear)Music Like That'. Pushing outdated software
well beyond its limits allowed me to create some interesting and unusual sonic artifacts.


Edu Blanch said...


I've arrived to your site accidentally, and I only have to tell you that it made me really impressed.

I'm Edu Blanch, an illustrator from Barcelona, spain. Your artworks are simply awesome. Really cool. I've had not enough time to listen at your music yet, but I will.

If you want to take a look at my works, please visit my blog:

I've been also freaked out about your collection of toys;)

Sorry for advanced if my english is not so correct that it must be.

Kind Regards;


Andrew said...

Hey Edu!

Thanks for your appreciation of my stuff. I looked at your works, and saw a giant squid and H P Lovecraft on the same page, so you can't be lying about liking my stuff. Thanks for that look into another mind like my own!! Your works are masterful!

You should check out my flickr archive ( ) and you should probably start a site their of your own. It's a great free archive.

Thanks again for your communication!
Best regards!!