Friday, August 17, 2007


Here's a comic I made 10 years ago called "Dead President". It's about a
zombie that wins the United States presidential election. I made a few of
them, which I "published" (with a photocopier) in Hell-Bent Comix © , a
short lived experiment that was enjoyed by some. Others were confused..

click on the image, and it gets bigger.

I seriously copyrited the Hell out of this, so don't even think of stealing it.


Michel Gagne said...

A Zombie would make a good president. I wish one would be in the running...

Jocelan Thiessen said...

This is too good you should do more!

Andrew said...

Wasn't Nixon a zombie?

Thanks, I did a couple more 10 years ago. I'll dig 'em up and post 'em