Wednesday, October 04, 2006


It's October, and I can finally show off a couple of the more revolting works I have created. This goat skull (purchased at a local butcher) was cleaned, adorned with slimey larvae, then painted to resemble a maggot infested rotting head. MMMmmmmm!!!


flatlander said...

Today, out my window I watched a spider dislodge a small leaf that had become stuck to it's web.

It had been raining all morning.

Andrew said...

Two days ago I observed a heated battle between a team of yellowjackets and a large, light green catterpillar with a blue spike on its tail. The catterpiller convulsed wildly when stung, often dislodging its attacking pursuers.

I stopped a passing couple and they were deeply moved by the struggle. One was overwhelmed by the violent spectacle and had to leave.

9:32 PM