Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Self Portrait

Happy Hallowe'en!!!


Vanessa said...

neat pictures Andrew. Your detail is amazing. Lots of stuff in your head!!

Anonymous said...

Andrew - i know this is YOUR Day - more than anyone else I know!! Your
artwork of course is gorgeous - and I found out the word I was lookin
for in reference to that skeleton/skull image: an "illumination" that's
what it looks like it ought to be.

I think that "Brain" may be the first watercolour of yours that I have
ever seen - certainly it is the brightest, most colourful work of yours
that I can recall. Keep'em coming!

And happy ghoulie-day My Friend!!

Tara Molloy

National Coordinator - Coordinatrice nationale

Canadian Dairy, Poultry & Egg Producers

Producteurs canadiens de lait, de la volaille et des oeufs