Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Circuit Bending

This is a light-sensitive electronic instrument created by modifying an existing circuit board in a kid's toy. Originally, the toy spoke encouraging aphorisms to aspiring Digimon enthusiasts. It was aweful. Now it's controlled by light intensity and makes a great variety of gritty textures and superspeed vocalizations. It also has a couple settings, and can even still speak it's originally intended phrases.


flatlander said...

I would like to learn the ancient secrets of circuit bending.

You seem to be a qualified Master of the art, but do you offer workshops?

Andrew said...

I do offer one-on-one circuit bending workshops. I have one student, who exchanges furbys for knowledge.

I once asked conductor, New Music professor, collaborator and presenter Giorgio Magnanensi what his methods and theories about bending were, to which he replied: "I dunno." That was my only circuit bending lesson, and whithin a few weeks, I had created several new instruments.