Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Lectures

Here's a press release for an upcoming talk about Ant Supercolonies I'll be giving this Tuesday:

Ideas for free

The Strip Mall is Vancouver’s only alternative lecture series. Once a
month at Wink Café three lecturers stand at the podium and deliver ten
minutes on any subject you wouldn’t learn about it in school.

The Strip Mall
hosted by Jason Bryden
The first Tuesday of every month
9:00 pm sharp
Wink Café 151 E.8th Ave.
Tickets are only $3
Call 676.8994 for more info

This Strip Mall is Tuesday, August 1st at Wink Cafe.

Lyle St. Goddard on Jacques Cousteau
Brendan Beiser on Umpires
Andrew Scott on Bug Super-Colonies

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