Thursday, June 08, 2006

Trilobite Show

Here's my latest addition to The Trilobite Show with my pal Michel Gagne. This guy is Bristolia Bristolensis, from the Lower Cambrian age. I thought a spikey little critter like this might have some warning colouration to alert preditors to possibly poisonous spines.
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Anonymous said...

Outstanding work guy's. The B. bristolensis is easily one of my favorite trilobites.

Do you have larger jpegs of your work so that I may rotate a few as wallpaper?


Anonymous said...

Efffing AMAZING!!! I was visually stunned. This is by far the best and most creative art I've seen of 06. CONGRATS...

Craig said...

Your trilobites are superb. I know a Scottish paleontologist who is probably the current expert on Bristolia and other trilobites in that biozone. Do you sell these? Great work.