Friday, June 23, 2006


Here's another alien embryo I created as a prop for an independantly produced sci-fi flick that I am always being deliberately enigmatic about describing.


ionca said...

good work.
makes me want to use protection next time.

don't wanna risk birthing one of these.

jin said...

Wow! Pretty gross. (In a good way! :-)

Just gotta tell ya, I played your 'tweaked' furby thing the other day. My (50 pound) dog jumped up on my lap & stared at the monitor until it quit playing!

Made me wonder what that screech translated to!??!

Andrew said...

That's super sweet! Maybe my furby should meet the local K9s....

Anonymous said...

the baby , is that a pic of the baby?
good stuff

Andrew said...

Stat-Chu Blackarm?