Thursday, June 22, 2006


This is my reconstruction of a zeuglodon, an extinct archaeocetacean that was not an ancestor of modern whales. These creatures were up to 20 meters long. I made this guy eleven years ago. More Creatures


Happy T. Fluke said...

I would like to comission you to create a life-size one of these for the lobby of Fakiegrind World Headquarters.

Your efforts would be richly rewarded with Blogstocks in the newly re-vamped FakieCorp.

I would also like a giant brain-in-a-jar (preferrably an alien brain) for my office. Put everything on the Executive Expense Account!

Sordes said...

It looks very nice, the only problem is it doesn´t really look like a Zeuglodon, but more like a Mosasaur. I also wanted to sculpt a Zeuglodon (or more correct "Basilosaurus") since a long time, but I had always problems to find proper reference material, especially for the exact shape of the skull. Another problem ist the layer of tissue over the bones, which is nearly unknown. Had it a reptile-like head and a neck, or war had it like modern whales a thick layer of blubber over its muscles? I made several concepts, and recogniced that Basilosaurus can look very different, if you alter the thickness of blubber in the head and neck region. The other problem with a Basilosaurus-model is that is has to be comparably big and long, because the head is compared to the rest of the body very tiny, and you couldn´t see too much details on the head, if the whole model becomes too small.
BTW, there are also some photos of two models I made from sculpey some time ago, perhaps they could be interesting for you. The one is a model of the famous cryptic Tatzelworm, the other one a hypothetical narwhale-ancestor: